Society and institutional capacity building is vital in mainstreaming climate change in all aspects of life. We design courses and seminars/webinars in order to sensitize the public about climate change risks, opportunities, and solutions. We note the importance of sustained stakeholder engagement in any successful project or policy development. We simplify climate science to be understood at all levels, and will use professional translators at the grassroots levels if necessary. Our focus is to help businesses, governments and organizations in mainstreaming climate change in all of their activities.

Trainings include but not limited to: -

  • Climate Science and background

  • International Climate Policy

  • Kyoto Protocol (1997) and the Paris Climate Accord (2015)

  • Country Specific Climate Policies (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi)

  • International Climate Finance and Opportunities

  • Carbon Market Mechanisms

  • Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Systems & Carbon Auditing techniques

  • Concept of Cap and Trade

  • Carbon Offsetting and Sustainability

  • Environment Management Systems